Wider Reward Expertise

David Craddock Consultancy Services also offers the following:

Employee Benefit Audits

on the review of existing employee benefit arrangements, the best practice for the introduction and operation of employee benefit schemes and advice on bespoke arrangements for particular companies.

Employee Attitude Surveys

using advanced methods based on statistical techniques, incorporating histogram presentations with commentary interpretation to identify lessons for the company to consider as the basis for refining its benefits program.

Remuneration Database

using market researched data based on geographical location, industry sector and company size for the determination of salary levels, bonus structures and total remuneration.

Reward Infrastructure

including job evaluation, performance management, succession planning, contingency planning and career planning as part of the organizational management for the implementation of the human resources strategy.

Benefits Administration

using bespoke information technology solutions with a view to achieving a streamlining of information suitable for effective internal and external reporting and employee communications.

Expatriate and Relocation Management

including advice on the preparation of packages and a full taxation advice service that accommodates all benefits, cost of living indices and exchange rates.

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