Employee Share Schemes & Reward Services Offered

Assignment Management

David Craddock personally attends to every assignment to understand the exact requirements in detail offering a comprehensive, professional and bespoke service. Fees are charged at competitive levels for both the UK and international assignments.

Employee Share Scheme Design

Employee Share Scheme design, tax and legal compliance, administration and ongoing maintenance of employee share schemes, profit-sharing and bonus scheme arrangement, whether selective and discretionary or all-employee in their participation.

Specialist consultancy skills cover all aspects of scheme design, share capital restructuring, tax-efficiency, legal compliance, implementation, administration, communication and the on-going maintenance of share plans and incentives for all companies whether quoted or unquoted.

Implementation and Full Project Management

Implementation and full project management on the introduction of employee share ownership programmes within the U.K. and internationally, where project management is for launch, maturity or merger/takeover requirements.

Significant success has been achieved with client companies – quoted and unquoted – in developing innovative strategies based on bespoke tax-efficient solutions in employee share ownership programmes and the design of schemes to achieve an optimum response from participants at all levels in terms of performance and motivation.  David is renowned for his innovative approach to finding solutions and assisting the client in effective implementation.

Communication and Cultural Understanding

Communication and cultural understanding required to increase employee take-up rates.

David has full and detailed communication with the employees and directors presenting the scheme on behalf of the company enabling them to fully understand the scheme and benefits to them.  David is always available to speak with each employee individually to answer all the questions they have. Required to increase employee interest in participating in the scheme.

Administration and Ongoing Maintenance

Employee share schemes can be complex and it is therefore essential that we maintain the administration throughout the life of your scheme.  Once a share scheme is implemented, we ensure that:

  • All relevant documents are filed online with HMRC
  •  Intended tax benefits are achieved
  • Employees are kept aware of their awards and benefits through regular communication and documentation
  • Alerting the company to any changes in legislation
  • Handling leavers, new joiners and any promotions
  • Providing a dedicated telephone and e-mail helpline for participants who may have questions
  • Regular reviews and communication to discuss scheme progress

Wider Reward Expertise, Share Reconstructions, Management Buy-Outs and Technical Reports

David Craddock demonstrates consistently through his client work that the methodology that underpins employee share schemes has the capacity to facilitate a range of business solutions relating to wider commercial requirements.  The prime candidates for the application of that methodology are: management buy-outs, succession planning, remuneration mix, pension provision, corporate rescue operations, capital restructuring programmes and the facilitation of corporate identity across an international group.

As well as employee share schemes, David Craddock Consultancy Services offers the full range of expertise in all aspects of reward management including job evaluation, performance management, remuneration data, flexible benefits, target cash incentives, relocation and expatriate management and general benefits administration.

David Craddock Consultancy Services also offers the following:

  • Share valuations
  • Executive remuneration and share reports
  • Share reconstructions
  • Management buy-Outs
  • Reward management
  • Job evaluation
  • Performance management
  • Remuneration data
  • Flexible benefits
  • Target cash incentives
  • Relocation and expatriate management
  • General benefits administration.


If you are interested in speaking with David with a view to engaging his expert services for a no obligation free initial consultation in Employee Share Schemes or for the delivery of seminars or courses, then please contact David here: Contact Us