David Craddock has undertaken research since 1993 on a range of socio-economic subjects relating to employee share schemes, notably on the following:



The Role of Employee Share Schemes in Human Resource Management (1993)

The Socio-Economic Implications of Wider Employee Share Ownership: The Heart of the Matter (1995)

Employee Share Ownership and the Success Culture (1996)

The Rise of the International Share Scheme (1997)

Employee Share Ownership in a Mature Social Economy (1998)

Employee Share Ownership in Australasia and South East Asia after the Market Crisis (1998)

The Single Currency and its Effects on Employee Share Schemes (1999)

The Socio-Economic Implications of Employee Share Ownership (1999)

The Relationship between Employee Share Ownership and Employment Levels (2000)

The Role of Employee Share Ownership in the Market Economy (2001)

Equity and Empowerment: Introducing Motivation into the BEE Matrix for South Africa (2005)

Progressive Approaches to Communication Strategy for Employee Share Schemes (2006)