David Craddock consultancy services operates in the UK and worldwide as an independent consultant. David Craddock’s expertise and experience is gleaned from over 35 years in business to companies of all sizes and from all sectors as a bespoke service that seeks to act on the basis of a detailed and informed understanding of the client business with a solution-orientated and innovative approach to business challenges.

1. Employee Share Ownership – Operating as a recognised world authority, David is the author of the acclaimed “Tolley’s Guide to Employee Share Schemes” with his services offering consultancy and advice in the following: employee share schemes (tax-advantaged or otherwise), employee share trusts and employee-ownership trusts, employee share valuations, share scheme accounting, share reconstructions and company reorganisations, share scheme communications, share scheme administration and registration services and share scheme training.

2. Reward Management and Remuneration – Providing bespoke arrangements in the structuring of reward packages, profit-sharing schemes, bonus arrangements, expatriate and relocation packages and the formulation of the overall pay and remuneration policy.

3. Company and Share Valuations – Operating as an expert share valuer and renowned for finding innovative solutions in testing cases, David offers the full range of company and share valuation services, drawing upon his experience of working within national economies and cross-border and acting as Technical Secretary to the Share Valuation Worked Examples Group in the UK that meets with HMRC three times a year.

4. Company Buyouts – Offering tax-efficient and commercially-effective company buyout arrangements that use employee share scheme techniques to support cash extraction by owner-managers for investment diversification, succession planning and full management buyouts.

5. Board of Directors and Corporate Advisor – Acting as a member of the Board of Directors or Board of Trustees, bringing expertise in finance and economics and general management coupled with an awareness of international relations and geo-political factors; operating as personal advisor, problem-solver and confidante to individual directors and CEOs.

6. Conference Presentations, Lectures and Motivational Speaking – Malcolm Hurlston CBE, Chairman of the ESOP Centre in London, writes: “David Craddock is an outstanding speaker at world conferences on employee equity. His wide sweep and cogent perceptions illuminate and entertain audiences alike. No audience is left unmoved by David’s commitment.” Subjects for my motivational speaking worldwide extend beyond employee equity to independent wealth creation, leadership training, success mindset, and more.

7. Corporate Health for Corporate Wealth – Leading and presenting the dynamic employee benefits programme of this title, for in-house and public audiences, that covers the full combination of holistic health benefits and financial benefits, including employee share schemes.

8. Offshore Corporate Structures – Working with high net worth individuals to establish privacy protection and, where possible, depending upon the tax profile of the individual, tax-efficient structures for wealth protection.

9. Corporate Governance – Preparing company constitutions and shareholder agreements as well as advising on corporate social responsibility and corporate ethics either as a consultant or as a member of the Board of Directors or Board of Trustees.


If you are interested in speaking with David with a view to engaging his expert services for a no obligation free initial consultation in Employee Share Schemes, Share Valuations or for the delivery of seminars or courses, then please contact David here: Contact Us