The Employee Ownership Trust and Other ESOP Exit Strategies

The Employee Ownership Trust, (“EOT”), has become a very popular method for existing shareholders to exit their company. At this time when trade buyers have largely retreated from the marketplace, the EOT offers a seriously tax-efficient, commercially effective, and comparatively painless way to sell the company. The headline tax point: The capital gains tax on sale is zero and there is no exposure to income tax either. The sale proceeds, linked to the whole company value of the company, can be taken all in one payment if the company can afford or, alternatively, as a series of deferred consideration payments
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The Response of Employee Share Schemes to Covid-19, Civil Unrest and More

David Craddock is a recognised authority in the UK and worldwide on employee share schemes. In his book, The Tolley’s Guide to Employee Share Schemes, David shares his expertise drawn from over 35 years as a practitioner in the subject to explore and expound upon the many aspects of employee share ownership with practical application that is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the relevant laws and regulations and a profound insight into how to maximise the employee share scheme initiative to the benefit of the company. EMPLOYEE SHARE SCHEMES AS A GROWTH-ORIENTATED SUBJECT The enduring strength of employee share
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