David Craddock is a dynamic speaker and addresses seminars and conferences throughout the UK and the world on the benefits of employee share schemes to commercial success and business development.  Indeed, David brings his considerable communication skills to bear in scheme launches, energizing employees at all levels though motivating and incentivising encouragement, usually supported by intelligent and apt illustrations, often with humour, that bring the subject to life and instils belief into the audience that they have the capacity to develop the value of their business, achieve their objectives and celebrate success.

Seminars and courses are provided by David Craddock in the UK and internationally. David Craddock, who is a recognised authority worldwide in employee share schemes and reward management, has developed over many years this range of seminars and courses to share his extensive expertise and experience with businesses worldwide.  There is opportunity in every seminar or course for interaction through questions either during the event or through discussion with David on a one-to-one basis at the conclusion of the event.

David Craddock is a lecturer with star presentational credentials. He is the author and lecturer for the employee share schemes courses of The Institute of Chartered Secretaries in London and The Professional Training Partnership in Oxford and makes occasional television appearances in the UK through The Law Channel and The Einstein Network.

Subjects and topics that David covers

Enterprise Management Incentives (“EMI”)
Employee Share Scheme for Quoted Companies
Employee Share Scheme for the SME Market
Employee Share Trusts
Employment-Related Securities (excluding the tax-approved scheme and EMI)
Restricted Securities
Accounting for Employee Share Schemes
Employee Benefits including Flexible Benefits
Disguised Remuneration
Remuneration Committees
Employee Share Scheme Communications
Job Evaluation
Performance Management
Communication and Motivation in the Workplace
Human Resource Strategy Formulation
Corporate Heath for Corporate Wealth

International Conferences

David Craddock contributes regularly to international conferences and seminars on employee share schemes and is available on request to accept invitations to present anywhere in the world.

Contributions in recent years have been made for:

  1. The European Centre for Employee Ownership at their international conferences in Brussels, Florence, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Rome, Davos and Cannes.
  2. The ESOP Centre/STEP Channel Islands conferences in Jersey and Guernsey.
  3. ProShare at their international London conference.
  4. The US based National Centre for Employee Ownership at their conferences in Chicago and San Francisco.
  5. In November, 2005, David addressed the ESOP Centre conference in Cape Town and the highly prestigious Chamber of Mines in Johannesburg on his research into the linkage between employee share schemes and personal motivation.
  6. In May, 2008, he chaired and was the guest speaker at The Institute of International Research conference on Share Schemes and ESOPs held in Johannesburg.

David Craddock is available on request to accept invitations to give lectures or to present seminars or workshops on any aspect of employee share schemes, employee benefit structures and human resource strategy formulation.



If you are interested in speaking with David with a view to engaging his expert services for a no obligation free initial consultation in Employee Share Schemes or for the delivery of seminars or courses, then please contact David here: Contact Us