Tribeca Knowledge

In today’s highly competitive business environment, hiring, growing and retaining employees is central to success.  The entrepreneurial culture has become extremely attractive to today’s workforce, yet most do not have the profile to succeed in creating their own businesses.  Employee Share Ownership and Reward programmes can build an entrepreneurial contribution/reward culture for a company, whether large or small.  But the options are complex and the wrong advice can create terrible problems and limitations for management in years to come. David Craddock is a pioneer and leader in the field.  I’ve worked with David on two schemes for my company. The schemes he has developed for me are simple, highly flexible and efficacious. They are based on practical performance evaluation systems and measurable KPIs that are fair and motivating for the employee and a powerful strategic tool for growth for the employer.  David’s advice and guidance has been invaluable to me as I build a company that rewards and inspires the people that grow the business.
Sherry Moran, Founder and Managing Director
Tribeca Knowledge Limited