Rugby Union Coach

David Craddock has advised me for some 15 years plus on the tax and financial accountability for the employee benefits that I received as a club and international rugby player and in more recent times he has continued his service to me as I have gone into coaching and management in the UK. I always feel confident that I can approach David with any issues that arise in the management of my financial affairs, knowing that he will be able to provide the solutions from his vast knowledge of how the tax systems of both the UK and New Zealand operate for expatriates. With David advising me in this way on technicalities and deadlines I always have peace of mind that my financial affairs are being properly taken care of and are in order. David goes about his work with a smile and his kindly disposition puts at ease all those who come into contact with him. He always has time within his busy schedule to address matters that arise for me and continually I am confident that his recommendations are to my best advantage.
Gary Mercer, Former New Zealand Rugby League international, 
now working as a Rugby Union coach in the UK