Retired Major in the British Army, Company Director and Entrepreneur

David’s expertise has been and continues to be profoundly beneficial in so many areas of my life. He advises me on the best share structures for my businesses, resulting in greater opportunity for commercial and tax efficiencies in wealth-creation and prosperity-building.  For my various companies over the years, he has created custom-designed employee share schemes, overseeing all aspects of the structure development and process, implementing the statutory and regulatory requirements, ensuring that the schemes are fully motivational for the participants, ensuring compliance with HMRC requirements and, very importantly, embedding the tax benefits into the scheme structures.
While all this is essential to my companies, David has been and continues to be so much more than this to me. Aside from his brilliance in employee ownership and reward management programs (he’s the No. 1 expert in the UK and literally wrote the Tolley’s book on the subject), he’s a well-rounded, genuine, straightforward, and affable person. I’ve even had the pleasure to experience David’s lectures first-hand. Brilliant, humorous, informative and engaging, he always gets strong applause and the best ratings of all the speakers, and never fails to captivate his audiences. He thinks quickly on his feet and can speak to many topics from economics, finance, share schemes, share structures, share valuation and succession planning to board management and business conflict resolution, and even holistic health in the business environment through his Corporate Health for Corporate Wealth program, which he delivers in the UK and the USA. Indeed, embracing the principles of this corporate heath program changed my whole approach to health and fitness. My discussions with David are always highly intelligent, inspirational and enlightening, and in his lectures people generally are driven to take copious notes when he’s talking so they can revisit these pages at a later date in order to maximize the benefits within their businesses.
David is very approachable and it seems that David has never met a stranger, as he can speak with anyone from any walk of life. He has a calm and peaceful demeanor, an intelligent sense of humor, a business curiosity which is instrumental in finding innovative solutions that he combines with the sage wisdom of a learned practitioner and the non-judgment of a best friend—yes, all this rolled into one.
Whether you need David’s expertise to increase the bottom line of your business; orchestrate an employee share scheme; advise your company board on corporate governance or company strategy; supercharge the motivation of your executives and employees; introduce succession planning or a management buy-out; give a motivational presentation to your business or organization; add a voice of wisdom and strength to your company’s Board of Directors; or you simply need a personal advisor to keep you on course and positive during all of life’s ups and downs, David would be your best pick. He definitely has what it takes to inspire the very best within you and your organization. David is a shining example of all the wisdom of which he speaks. You will always enjoy your time with David and when you go back to your business, you will be feeling more hopeful, positive, healthy, inspired, motivated, empowered, and confident. Your life will be enriched by his wise advice and perpetual encouragement.
Jeremy Stampa Orwin, CPP, MioD, DipGov(Sy), DipSy&RM