KPMG Boxwood Limited (Formerley Boxwood Limited)

As Director of Finance & People at Boxwood, I collaborated with David Craddock to introduce our first share scheme, and we’ve worked closely together for over a decade into 2016. Boxwood offered a comprehensive package of remuneration and benefits to our people and the EMI share scheme that David helped us launch was an instrumental part of the total package. As the company grew, the EMI share options played a key role in employee engagement and long-term employee loyalty. Over the many years that we’ve worked together, David helped us with share option communications and offered a brilliant ‘one-stop shop’ service, where he would take care of accounting, legal, and the comprehensive scheme structure all under one roof. We had multiple exercise events over the years and, as the company grew, David and his team continued to help us launch new issues. David played an instrumental role in helping prepare for exit, which required a vesting and exercise of the final scheme and tying in all documentation with the share purchase agreement liaising with multiple teams of lawyers. Overall, David Craddock Consultancy Services were always knowledgeable, helpful, and always a pleasure to work with. In other words, his expertise, guidance, and partnership were indispensible to me and my employees.
Adil Khan, Director of Finance & People, Boxwood