Janili SARL and Amplio Group SA

I have worked with David Craddock since 2010 in relation to matters pertaining to the share capital of companies for which I have acted as Finance Director, both at the holding company level and at the level of the subsidiary companies.  David has shown consistently an ability to combine his knowledge of employee share schemes, share valuation and share reorganisations with a view to providing innovative solutions to challenging business situations.  Before working with David, I had sought in vain with the large legal and accounting firms in London and New York to find a practitioner who could provide the type of solution that David offers.  David is an acknowledged expert in his field and latterly he has applied his expert knowledge and skills to structure the share scheme arrangements complete with performance condition appropriate corporate governance for private equity deals in 2015 through 2017 for which I requested his help.  David’s approach is always to first understand the facts of the case to which he then applies his skill base to establish the solutions.  David’s solutions have consistently stood up to scrutiny from auditors and independent firms of lawyers.  Given the international nature of my group, it is important for me that David understands the US and European dimensions to his subject as well as the UK perspective and can apply the principles to a growing world group that has changing demands and faces many challenges.
Joanne Kennedy-Reardon, Finance Director
Janili SARL, formerly Amplio Group SA