ESOP Centre

David Craddock is an outstanding speaker at world conferences on employee equity. His wide sweep and cogent perception illuminate and entertain audiences alike. David’s authoritative books – “The ICSA Employee Share Schemes Handbook” and “Tolley’s Guide to Employee Share Schemes” – have iconic status in the employee equity world. He has a compelling belief in the efficacy of employees being engaged financially in the well-being of their enterprises by means of communication as well as reward: the additional productivity is a bonus for the company. David speaks inspiringly about the familiar avenues of reward and ranges beyond them in search of ever better matches between the interests of shareholders and employees, in ways envisaged and beyond the thoughts of governments. No audience is left unmoved by David’s commitment to creating a society which is more efficient, more fair and with greater rewards for all. And when the magic is over, the questions are deftly handled and supporting material prolongs and reinforces the message.
Malcolm Hurlston
Chairman of The ESOP Centre and The European Centre for Employee Ownership