Mike Rowe, FCPA, Andrews and Company

We are a small firm of accountants and as general practitioners, we have at times the need for certain specific skills that we are not experienced or even qualified enough to undertake in order to be able to best serve our clients.

Such a situation occurred when one of our largest and very long standing clients requested that we look at the corporate structure of his company with a view to involving key staff members in some form of share ownership.

The sole director/owner of the business was also going through a difficult personal period in his life and was looking at ways of protecting his considerable assets and shielding them as much as was legally possible from both the tax authorities and certain third parties within his family group.

This is when I called in David and from the outset, he made me feel part of his team as opposed to being the outsider who merely served as a conduit between him and my client. The most important aspect when engaging a third party to work with one of your clients, is that the client is comfortable with the appointment and that they have a clear understanding of the respective roles of both you and the outside professional firm. There also needs to be the comfort that the expert you have engaged is both one of the best in their field and offers no threat to the long standing relationship you have with your client.

David Craddock fits all the above criteria and in addition, he is very easy to work with, and despite his considerable knowledge he has always respected my skills and abilities as and when I have been able to contribute to the discussions and planning relating to my client’s affairs.

As professionals in any field will recognise, the more you know the more you know how little you know but with the help of David over the years, and the business and personal relationship we have developed, I have greatly increased my knowledge in the areas of share and complex corporate structures, succession planning and trusts. More importantly, it has benefitted my firm’s clients both directly and indirectly and enhanced our standing with them, as we have obtained the best advice possible in a specialised area of expertise.

I have no hesitation in recommending David, as whatever the specific requirements of you or your client in the areas of employee share schemes, director/owner succession, tax planning and associated company law compliance, David is the expert I would always go to in the knowledge that my clients will be best served.
Mike Rowe FCPA
Andrews and Company