McInerney Construction

To characterise David Craddock would be to say that he has an insatiable appetite to solve business problems – for companies and for individuals alike, that he has a profound belief in his subject, that he is immensely practical in the plans that he develops, that he is highly responsive to client requests and that he is by instinct enormously respectful of everybody’s place within the business with a helpful word for everyone with whom he comes into contact. My first involvement with David was when he was appointed employee share schemes and remuneration consultant to the McInerney Group in 2002. The initial assignment was to review the executive remuneration structures throughout Ireland, the UK and Spain with a view to introducing radical reform on their motivational content, particularly the executive bonus scheme which was in serious need of a new approach. At the time, my executive responsibilities extended over the whole of the business activity in Ireland. I was, therefore, able to see at first-hand how David’s positive approach to finding solutions led to a scheme which strengthened the sense of unity within the team and engendered a stronger spirit of entrepreneurship for each member of the team. As a director of the McInerney plc holding company, I became aware that the roll-out of the scheme from Ireland to the UK and Spain was facilitated by David’s detailed knowledge of the cultural differences between the three countries and his ability to form relationships with people from different and diverse backgrounds as he travelled throughout those three countries meeting the scheme participants. It was David’s positivity and deep knowledge of employee reward matters that then led to David replacing the existing share schemes provider and introducing the inventive ideas that provided the basis for the development of the new executive share scheme, again with a highly motivational structure.
Tommy Drumm, Former Director of McInerney Construction, 
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