Buchanan Hartley Architects

Working over a period of some six years with David Craddock Consultancy has allowed me to undertake the systematic transfer the ownership of the company I created to key managers in a management buy-out arrangement in March 2016.  David’s ability to address all matters of the challenge has helped me effect a smooth transition and allowed the managers to be empowered with shares on a stage-by-stage basis.  David always listened to the objectives I set and displayed a flexibility that allowed him to accommodate to varying circumstances.  David one-stop shop approach has enabled me to cover all aspects of my management buy-out, including all the corporate governance without involving other advisors.  As well as helping me with the strategy and the vision for the management buy-out, David dealt with all details of the transaction and has ensured that all tax matters are covered.  For me the success of our management buy-out lay in the fact that the business transferred to new management with no disruption. David Craddock Consultancy worked to ensure that this happened.
Dean Buchanan, Founder and former Managing Director
Buchanan Hartley Architects Limited