The Share Scheme Expertise

The Solution Approach

The Solution Approach is a positive approach to consultancy assignments that seeks to provide the following:

  • Inventive and innovative solutions to business situations and challenges that seek to provide outcomes that are perceived as positive by all parties.
  • Incentivising and motivating solutions for employees who have been invited to become participants in a company sponsored scheme.
  • Advanced solutions to meet the business challenge that requires above average application to achieving efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Tax-advantageous solutions to benefit both the company and the employees who are members of scheme arrangements.
  • Preventative solutions that seek to install procedures that will avoid the occurrence of future problems and pitfalls.

The Services Offered

David Craddock Consultancy Services is a consultancy business founded in 1997 by David Craddock to offer specialist expertise in employee share ownership and reward management. The consultancy continues to offer this speciality and, indeed, David Craddock is now recognised worldwide as an authority on employee share schemes.

Since its formation in 1997, David Craddock Consultancy Services has developed a varied clientele ranging from major public limited companies with international considerations to private concerns in the small-to-medium sized sector where the requirement is for key incentives that are personalized and targeted.

David Craddock Consultancy Services has successfully established employee share schemes and employee benefit arrangements across Continental Europe, the Americas, the Far East, the Middle East, Australasia and Africa as well as in the U.K. and Ireland and to date David Craddock has travelled into 32 countries to personally facilitate their introduction including the launch communication to employees.

As well as employee share schemes, David Craddock Consultancy Services offers the full range of expertise in all aspects of reward management including job evaluation, performance management, remuneration data, flexible benefits, target cash incentives, relocation and expatriate management and general benefits administration. David Craddock Consultancy Services also offers employee benefits audits and employee attitude surveys as well as providing training courses on all employee benefits subjects.

David Craddock personally attends to every assignment with a comprehensive and professional support team and network. Fees are charged at competitive levels for both UK and international assignments over more than 50 countries.

Internationally renowned author David Craddock offers a full range of share scheme expertise. David has unparalleled knowledge of employee share schemes, non share based employee benefit schemes, employee incentives and rewards. Practicing the solution approach, David provides inventive and innovative share scheme solutions providing expert consultancy from scheme design straight through to on-going maintenance of employee share schemes.

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