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Employee share scheme case studies

Case Studies

EMI Case Study 1

An Overview of the Statutory Requirements The highly tax-efficient and highly-commercially flexible EMI was first introduced through Finance Act 2000 and has the potential to benefit any company that meets the criteria for a Qualifying Company and wh ...

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EMI Case Study 2

For Long-Term Incentive Plan (“LTIP”) Requirements Company quoted on the Alternative Investment Market with a value of £18 million. High level reputation in the business of passenger and freight rail transport. Already has Share Incentive Plan and a ...

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EMI Case Study 3

For An Employee-Controlled Company In Perpetuity Private company currently worth £5 million with no plans for sale in either the short-term, the medium-term or the long-term. Very fast growth company in the business of software testing and recognises ...

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EMI Case Study 4

For Succession And Shareholder Investment Diversification (Note: Employee Share Schemes for Management Buy-Outs) Company has grown steadily over many years and existing shareholders in their late 50s are contemplating retirement. Engineering business ...

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EMI Case Study 5

For The Growth Shares Model Private company currently worth £10 million with five shareholders who are resolved to drive the company forward towards high growth in order to realise the company’s potential. Operating in a specialised management consul ...

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An Unquoted Private Company

PC Tech Limited is a private limited company, resident, registered and incorporated in the U.K.  It is a high-tech company, specialising in the development of Internet communication systems.  The company is projecting a period of strong growth for th ...

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The Quoted Public Limited Company

  Market Services Plc. is a company that is quoted on The London Stock Exchange and The New York Stock Exchange and as a multi-national company provides marketing services to businesses across thirty countries.  The company had developed through ...

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